INaK was the partner in international project supported by ERASMUS+, focused on the use of innovative methods in environmental education, linked to community development. For more information about the project and its results please contact the Strom zivota. For an example of training programme, implemented in the project, and the opinions of training participants, please click here.


In CHANGE THE GROUNDS project, we participated on the creation of training materials that support the introduction of changes and modifications to school yards and gardens so as to create an environment suitable for outdoor learning. The project was coordinated by Strom zivota.


Together with Strom zivota and partners from Italy, Spain and the UK we work on the international project BIOPROFILES, using innovative approach, supporting pro – active thinking of young people and monitoring local issues in environmental field. For details please see the links.


In cooperation with 10 partners from 5 countries, we continue the work on the project focused on development of teaching methodologies and online modules dealing with the innovations and trends in automotive industry. In the project, we also work on the development of teacher training programme. For details, please visit our project website.


From autumn 2016 we coordinate the international project „TAKE ME OUT“. Project intends to bring outdoor approach into the pre-schools with the aim to enable the youngest children spend most of their time outside the classrooms. In the project partnership, we cooperate with partners from the UK, CZ, Estonia and Denmark, and in these days we prepare the handbook for the pre-school teachers, develop teacher´ training programme and collect the ideas for motivation - support activities. For details and possibilities to join in please visit the project website.

NTC for All

In the years 2017 - 2019, we participated in the implementation of the NTC for ALL project, aimed at supporting functional thinking of children, developing their mental capacity and biological potential. Methodological materials as well as more detailed information about the benefits of the NTC program, intended for kindergartens but also for parents of children, can be found on the project website.


In 2018, we were invited to join a project partnership managed by Birdlife Malta. The 3 years project contributes to changing the content and forms of education in kindergartens and primary schools in Malta, using an outdoor approach. The Ministry of Education from Malta, schools and other institutions are also involved in this partnership. The task of INAK is to digitalize the materials created in the project and organize training for teachers, combining an outdoor approach and the support of ICT skills. The project runs until 2021. Its outputs will be part of this site.