INAK was the partner in the international project supported by ERASMUS+, which focused on the use of innovative methods in environmental education, linked to community development. For more information about the project and its results please contact the Strom zivota. For an example of the training programme, implemented in the project, and the opinions of training participants, please click here.


In CHANGE THE GROUNDS project, we participated in the creation of training materials that support the introduction of changes and modifications to schoolyards and gardens so as to create an environment suitable for outdoor learning. The project was coordinated by Strom zivota.


Together with Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences and in partnership with 4 other organizations from Slovakia, Italy, Spain and Great Britain, we worked on an international project focused on new forms of education and increasing the proactivity of young people at the local level in the environmental field. For more information, click here.


In the partnership of 10 organizations from 5 countries, we successfully implemented in the second phase a project focused on the creation of methodologies and online teaching modules in the field of innovations and trends in the automotive industry. The project was primarily intended for teachers of vocational subjects from vocational secondary automotive schools and their students. To access digital materials and online modules for free, click here. (LINK: )


Since autumn 2016, we have been coordinating an international project partnership called "TAKE ME OUT". His intention was to introduce an outdoor approach to kindergartens and preschools in order to enable children to spend as much time as possible outside, and out of classrooms. As part of the project, together with other partners in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, as well as partners from the UK, Estonia and Denmark, we created methodological materials, a training programme, and motivational activities, which are freely available here. (LINK: About project - Take me out project)

NTC for All

In the years 2017-2019, we participated in the implementation of the NTC for ALL project, aimed at supporting the functional thinking of children and developing their brain potential. INAK's task was to cooperate on the creation of methodological materials and their digitization. Methodical materials and more detailed information about the benefits of the NTC programme, intended for kindergartens, but also for parents of children, can be found on the project's website. (LINK:


In 2018, we were invited to partner with a project managed by Birdlife Malta. The project contributes to changing the content and forms of teaching in kindergartens and primary schools in Malta, using an outdoor approach. The Ministry of Education from Malta, schools from Spain, Malta, Great Britain and Slovakia and other institutions were also involved in the partnership. INAK's task was to digitize the materials created in the project and organize training for teachers, combining an outdoor approach with the support of ICT skills. The outputs of the project are part of these pages. (LINK:


In 2020, we were approved for coordination of the project "It's good for them, it's good for us - Social-Emotional Learning through bringing nature back to schools" - "SEL for schools", with project number 2020-1-SK01-KA201-078325. As part of the project, we carry out research, create and test a program for kindergartens focused on the impact of being outdoors and other factors on increasing children's knowledge of nature, strengthening their relationship with it, and developing empathy, social skills and prosocial behaviour. We implement the project in 4 countries in cooperation with 7 organizations. More information will be available on the project's website. (LINK:


Since spring 2021, we have been working with partners from Italy, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the STEP IN international project focused on the creation of digital materials for secondary vocational schools in the field of Machining, Hydraulics and Pneumatics and Logistics, with the aim of facilitating teaching for teachers and students, especially during distance learning. We are currently preparing short vocational videos and online tests that will help with the teaching of specific topics at a time when students will not be able to participate in practical classes or workshops. In case of interest please find more information about the project and the possibility of joining us or using the materials for free here. (LINK:


From autumn 2021 in cooperation with the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, with NGO Tree of Life and in partnership with 3 other organizations from Italy, Spain and Cyprus, we coordinate an international project aimed at implementing practical environmental education and raising awareness of climate change, its impacts and mitigation actions. The project includes international trainings for teachers and practical activities for students, who can monitor the impact of climate change at the local level. You will find more information about the project, the possibility of participation and the use of methodological materials here soon. (LINK:

All the mentioned projects were co-financed and supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme, which made their implementation possible. We thank all our partner organizations for all the support and cooperation in mentioned realised projects, namely:

  • Department of pre-primary and elementary pedagogy and psychology, Faculty of Education, Presov University, Slovakia
  • Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia
  • SOS Birdlife, Slovakia
  • Tree of Life, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • FANTAO, Špania dolina, Slovakia
  • Stredná odborná škola technická, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Stredná priemyselná škola strojnícka, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Stredná odborná škola automobilová, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • University of Jan Evangelista Purkyňe, Ústí nad Labem, Česká republika
  • NAPA TRUCK, Czech Republic
  • KOMTES, Czech Republic
  • Vyšší odborná škola, SŠ, Centrum odborné přípravy, Sezimovo Ústí, Czech Republic
  • VITA XXI, Spain
  • SEO Birdlife, Spain
  • MILANTA, Spain
  • APAGA, Spain
  • Birdlife, Malta
  • Institute of BioEconomy, National Research Council of Italy, Italy
  • IIS Olivetti, Italy
  • Työtehoseura, Finland
  • CARDET, Cyprus
  • ATT Training, Great Britain
  • The Institute of the Motor Industry, Great Britain
  • Learning through Landscapes, Great Britain
  • Danish Nature Approach, Denmark
  • Rukkilille lasteaed, Estonia

And last but not least also SAAIC - National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme for Education and Training Sectors