Does it happen to you also that... walk on your everyday route, solving your daily duties, joys and worries and something suddenly stops you, telling: „It´s been need a change, the new direction...!“ And, suddenly, the question comes to decide on which route or direction to follow: to continue on the one well known, or, maybe to try a different one, maybe more challenging...? Maybe the route less travelled, winding and at the end with high mountain to climb... well, It is a challenge!

Sometimes it needs a lot of courage to start searching for new ways, new routes, new angles to perceive the things from…and doing things at least a bit differently.

But if you once already tried to climb the mountain, you know that there is a reward on the mountain top.

We already started to do things differently, or „INAK“... the route innovative and creative.. Will you try, too?

What´s new... In autumn 2016 we successfully finished ENVI-MOBILE project. We cooperate on the training programme „Design of the public place“, organized by the Slovak NGO Strom života. Currently we work on several other international projects, targeting the youth and the youngest children, too. For more details, please see the Projects.). At the same time, in these days we are preparing new projects for 2017 – 2018, focusing on environmental education. Please, keep your fingers crossed with all the preparation work and the results! Thank you very much!

"The goal of education should be to create people able to produce new things and not to repeat what preceding generations did.
We need creativity and resourcefulness."
Jean Piaget