We are an NGO, with the efforts to do the things DIFFERENTLY/“INaK“, if possible, at least a bit Innovatively and Creatively. We established „INaK“ in 2014, as the team of people experienced in the field of using the innovative approaches, activating methods and ICTs in education, development of didactic materials, experience with project management, running of educational trainings, as well as the other activities from the field of innovative education. Through our activities, we aim at supporting the development of human resources.

Therefore, we focus on the use of innovative approaches, using creative methods in educational process, while working with variety of target groups – children, youth and adults. Our projects enhance the lifelong learning and help to develop learners´ key competences. We try to implement our ideas and bring them into practice through local, national and international projects, usually in strong partnership with variety of institutions.

Projects, implemented until now, cover the automotive field of vocational education (STEP AHEAD), support environmental education – nature protection and building the relationship to natural and cultural heritage (ENVIMOBILE, BIOPROFILY), integrate the outdoor education in the pre-schools (TAKE ME OUT), contribute to local and community development and support local charity.

At INaK we focus on project development, project preparation and implementation, develop teaching and training materials, organize training events etc.

Contact us

INAK, o.z.
Veternícka 112/9, 967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia
adriana@trochuinak.sk, janka@trochuinak.sk
0918 377 593, 0908 615 468